Latest News

written by Al Phemister

The rebuilding of the studio, and the reflection caused by the fire, has set some new inspirations for Al.  The Spring will see Al involved in many exhibitions over the period until the end of the year.  This will see many new ideas unveiled,  including an installation at Sculpture in the Paddock in September/October.  Al is considering some collaborations, and some new directions……..Watch this space!

August 2016

The waiting is now over, and Al has started to rebuild his studio.  The studio will be reconfigured inside with a few design tweaks for a better working environment

January 2016

Well, yesterday saw Al’s studio burn down.  A fire started while Al as away looking at another job.  Fire crews arrived promptly, and have ruled the cause as being accidental and the source as unknown.  Everything in the studio was lost, and the building is beyond repair!

October 2015

Al has been in the studio sharing his time between making his new ‘Dandelion’ sculptures, and developing still more new designs.  His trip to the UK earlier this year has his inspiration levels high.  The first results have been seen at exhibitions in November, and on the website.  The trees have been well received.  However, 2013 will see still more new designs unveiled with Al showing at the second ‘Sculpture at Scenic World’ in Katoomba.  Watch out for more information as time gets closer.

November 2012


Following inspiration from his time at ANU during his art residency, Al has continued to develop some designs that he started on at that time.  These sculptures are now being finished, and will be displayed on the website soon.  Watch out for more details soon!

June 2011

WOW!  It’s March already, and the year is flying by.  Al has spent a lot ot time in the workshop, and the exhibitions are coming.  Check out the exhibitions page for details.  Al has been investigating new ideas, and new materials, and these will start appearring at exhibitions and on the website at the end of March.

March 2011

With Spring well and truely here, things are happening.  The exhibition at the Royal Botanic Gardens has gone well with Al being the first person to have a sculpture in the main garden.  Feedback has been good and the workshop held by Al was very successful.  Al is now working on some other exhibitions and a couple of commissions.  Al is also using some new materials.  New ideas and sculptures may be the result soon.

October 2010.

Well, 2010 has been a year of new experiences and learning.  With travel and experiences in Europe and the UK, followed by a sucessful residency and exhibition at the ANU School of Art.  Al is experimenting with new ideas and new processes.  These include more forms and new materials.  Watch out for more photos and information.

Septmeber 2010.

With Spring Approaching, Sculptures will soon be flying out of the shed. Exhibitions are starting to line up and it’s head down. Al will be involved with fund raisers, exhibitions and open gardens. Check out the Exhibitions page for time and location details. Exhibitions are being added regularly.

14th Aug 2009.